Just Transition

We are at a Code Red for Humanity to confront the climate emergency. Meeting the climate challenge means major shifts in our economies and societies bringing significant impacts on people, families and communities that touch the core of their well-being. The United Nations Secretary-General has said that countries should adopt the ILO’s Just Transition Guidelines as a minimum standard, and work to ensure a just transition where opportunities outweigh jobs lost. Our 1.5°C future would require a rapid move from polluting to renewable energy, involving local governments, unions and the private sector to support affected communities and people by generating green jobs, as well as a system-wide transformation - from investment and lending, to food supply chains and transport.

In 2022, the United Nations Global Compact will launch a series of Think Labs that will shape thought leadership on critical sustainability issues to prepare for a net-zero, resilient future and a more equal society. As companies in all sectors work to halve global emissions by 2030, they will have to account for ensuring positive impacts on their employees and communities. A just transition is an integral part of people-centered climate action; will benefit sustainable, long-term growth; and help companies anchor their sustainability practices to a rights and principles-based approach. 

The Think Lab on Just Transition will: 

  • Shape and define business leadership on critical issues such as the inequalities deepened by climate change and potential opportunities by engaging companies on resilience, health, and a just transition; social dialogue,  good jobs and social implications for workers; and inspire continuous performance improvement across diverse sectors beyond utilities 
  • Incubate time-bound future programmes for new and forward-thinking opportunities
  • Develop thought leadership for ecosystem engagement and change
  • Address key business challenges and identify good practice across sectors and regions 

The Think Lab will also aim to unravel the rationale of what it means for a company’s business strategy to support and engage in a just transition. It will support the goals of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Accelerator for Jobs and Social Protection, which seeks to increase investments in universal social protection, decent work and a green and just transition.

The UN Global Compact has forged strategic partnerships with the International Labour Organization and the International Trade Union Confederation to leverage their profound knowledge and experience to build concrete strategies for the private sector. To express your interest in joining us or for additional information, please contact Ms. Heidi Huusko, Senior Manager, Environment & Climate, UN Global Compact via email at: huusko@unglobalcompact.org

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