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SDG Ambition is an accelerator initiative that aims to challenge and support participating companies of the UN Global Compact in setting ambitious corporate targets and accelerating integration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into core business management. SDG Ambition enables companies to move beyond incremental progress and step-up transformative change – unlocking business value, building business resilience, and enabling long-term growth.

The need for SDG Ambition today is clear. The world is not delivering progress towards the SDGs at the pace and scale needed. While it is still possible to shift the world towards a 1.5°C trajectory and achieve the SDGs by 2030, it will take urgent, scalable and multi-stakeholder action to dramatically accelerate progress. Companies must take a clear stand and demonstrate bold leadership to transform business models and economies so they become more just and inclusive – leaving no one behind. This is our starting line as we launch SDG Ambition.

Led by the UN Global Compact in partnership with SAP and Accenture, SDG Ambition will empower and equip participating companies of the UN Global Compact to develop and implement innovative business strategies that significantly increase their positive impact on the SDGs. Through the Global Compact Local Networks in 60+ countries, participating companies will assess current performance, identify risk areas, discover new opportunities across business units and functions and take ambitious business action towards achieving the SDGs.


  • How to strategically prioritize actions that will accelerate your company’s contribution to the 2030 Agenda.
  • How to set targets aligned with absolute benchmarks that today may seem aspirational but are critical to spearhead the transformation of economies and societies.
  • How to hardwire SDG-related business goals and outcomes into core processes and management of business, to materially.


  • An understanding of baseline impacts across the business in creating a comprehensive sustainability strategy.
  • The ability to achieve ambitious goals aimed at galvanizing business action with what is actually required to achieve the SDGs.
  • An overview of how to integrate and mainstream ambitious sustainability goals across business units by pioneering a performance integration approach that utilizes enabling technologies.
  • An opportunity to communicate and track progress over time aligned.

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Companies participating in the UN Global Compact and based in the following countries have the opportunity to sign up to the SDG Ambition accelerator programme through their Global Compact Local Network. To get started, contact the Local Network where you are located and fill out the in-country track application form. If you are not located in one of the countries below, you can still apply to the virtual track.

The following Local Networks have confirmed their participation in 2020:

Bangladesh Georgia Malaysia South Africa Ukraine
Belarus Germany Mexico Spain United Kingdom
Brazil India Morocco Sweden United States (pending interest)
Croatia Indonesia Netherlands Switzerland UAE
Finland Lebanon Portugal Thailand

How to Join

Applications are now open for the SDG Ambition accelerator programme.

In-country track: Available in 23 local networks, the in-country track will be facilitated in local language and local time zone. It will offer hands-on support, in-person workshops (when possible), and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

Virtual track: Facilitated in English, the virtual track will offer the same curriculum content as the in-country track delivered through a series of live and on-demand sessions. The virtual track will be available in countries were an in-country programme is not available.

Registration opens: 21 July 2020
Registration closes: 30 September 2020

Kickstart a Decade of Action

SDG Ambition

SDG Ambition – Introducing Business Benchmarks for the Decade of Action

This publication introduces the SDG business benchmarks for consultation and collaboration. The UN Global Compact, together with partners, calls upon business leaders to take more ambitious and comprehensive action across their operations and value chains, integrating the Ten Principles and 17 SDGs by setting goals in line with these benchmarks. Now more than ever, companies everywhere must unite in the business of a more resilient, sustainable world.

Following completion of the consultation period, this draft will be republished as a finalized set of benchmarks, including guidance on selecting and setting targets at the company-level. Industry-specific guidance and management integration guides will be published separately.

To help us shape the SDG Business Benchmarks, fill out the survey here.

SDG Ambition

SDG Ambition – Scaling Business Impact for the Decade of Action

This publication is an introduction to SDG Ambition — a new initiative of the UN Global Compact. By raising ambition, deepening integration, and embracing new technologies we believe business can become a leading actor in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the launch of SDG Ambition, the UN Global Compact is proud to share its new SDG Implementation Framework, which aims to guide companies to deepen integration of the SDGs and Ten Principles into business strategy, operations, and stakeholder engagement.

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