Support Sustainable Soil Management

Soil is one of the most underestimated mediums on the planet. Soil filters our water, provides the foundation for our homes and factories, feeds us, clothes us and gives us energy for biofuels. Soil also helps us fight environmental hazards by naturally sequestering carbon and building resilience to climate-related events. Soil is not an isolated element and several issues impact soil health both directly and indirectly.

Soil management issues are best addressed through strong public-private collaboration and partnerships. Business is a critical partner in designing and delivering effective, scalable and practical solutions to protect and restore soils, maintain soil-based ecosystem services and enhance soil productivity.

To advance the positive contribution that business can make to soil health, the UN Global Compact has facilitated the development of the Principles for Sustainable Soil Management. These voluntary business principles have been developed through a broad and inclusive multi-stakeholder process involving over 200 experts from business, the UN, civil society and academia working on agriculture, nutrition and food systems.

The Principles for Sustainable Soil Management offer a framework for principle-based collaboration between business, the UN, governments, civil society and other stakeholders. Companies are invited to support the Principles for Sustainable Soil Management and to report on progress against them through their annual Communication on Progress.

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