Food and Agriculture Business Principles

UN Global Compact participants in the food and agriculture sector are invited to take an additional, voluntary step to embrace a set of Food and Agriculture Business Principles and report annually on their progress:

1. Aim for Food Security, Health and Nutrition
Businesses should support food and agriculture systems that optimize production and minimize waste, to provide nutrition and promote health for all people

2. Be Environmentally Responsible
Businesses should support sustainable intensification of food systems to meet global needs by managing agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry responsibly. They should protect and enhance the environment

3. Ensure Economic Viability and Share Value
Businesses should create, deliver and share value across the entire food and agriculture chain from farmers to consumers.

4. Respect Human Rights, Create Decent Work and Help Communities To Thrive
Businesses should respect the rights of farmers, workers and consumers. They should improve livelihoods, promote and provide equal opportunities.

5. Encourage Good Governance and Accountability
Businesses should behave legally and responsibly by respecting land and natural resource rights, avoiding corruption, being transparent about activities and recognizing their impacts.

6. Promote Access and Transfer of Knowledge, Skills and Technology
Businesses should promote access to information, knowledge and skills for more sustainable food and agricultural systems.

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