Join the Zero Hunger Challenge

The Zero Hunger Challenge was launched to drive commitment and action by all stakeholders, including business, to end malnutrition in all its forms and realize inclusive, resilient and sustainable food systems

The Zero Hunger vision is comprised of five elements which taken together, can end hunger, eliminate all forms of malnutrition and build inclusive and sustainable food systems. These five elements are:

  1. All food systems are sustainable: from production to consumption
  2. An end to rural poverty: double small-scale producer incomes & productivity
  3. Adapt all food systems to eliminate loss or waste of food
  4. Access to adequate food and healthy diets, for all people, all year round
  5. An end to malnutrition in all its forms
Businesses are invited to become part of a growing community working to end hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. If your company has taken steps to create more sustainable food systems, you can share the transformative change you are making and demonstrate leadership by joining the Zero Hunger Challenge.

Make a commitment to Zero Hunger

As part of this commitment, companies are asked to:

  • Align their corporate policies and strategies with the five elements of the Zero Hunger Challenge
  • Take actions that will have a positive, demonstrable and quantifiable impact on at least one of the five elements
  • Communicate publicly on commitment, actions and outcomes.

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