Use the Business for Rule of Law Framework

Companies are invited to use the Business for Rule of Law Framework to take action in respecting and supporting the rule of law, serving as a complement to government action.

The Framework provides guidance on how business can respect and support the rule of law in a way that business can relate to. This includes a definition of the rule of law, the business case, practical examples, and guidance on how to get started.

Companies can support the rule of law through core business, strategic social investment, public policy engagement, and collective action. The UN Global Compact has collected over 100 case examples of business action in support of the rule of law, including:

  • A legal resource company partnering with governments to create an electronic database of the national laws in several countries
  • A global cosmetics company funding a center that works with judges, legal professionals, governments and NGOs to improve access to justice in an effort to eliminate violence against women and girls
  • A mobile network operator, with the support of the government, developing guidelines to prevent bulk electronic messages inciting violence and sending messages of peace to promote stability during elections.
  • A telecommunications company partnering with a UN agency, with the support of a government department, to create an automated birth registration system in the country to ensure that all births are documented

The Framework ultimately aims to inspire business, and other stakeholders, to respect the UN Global Compact Ten Principles, and support UN goals, including development, peace and human rights.

The Framework is the result of a global consultation process, engaging nearly 400 senior representatives in 20 countries, government officials, legal practitioners, academics and other members of civil society.

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