Use the Human Rights and Business Learning Tool to Advance Your Efforts

While Government has the duty to protect individuals against human rights abuses, business also has an important role to play in respecting and supporting human rights.

As you know, your company’s activities and relationships can pose risks that may negatively impact human rights. But at the same time, they also present opportunities to make a positive contribution.

The UN Global Compact invites you to learn what you can do to meet your responsibility to respect human rights. To start, take advantage of our Human Rights and Business Learning Tool, which explains the nature of human rights and the steps you are expected to take to respect human rights throughout your operations.

The Human Rights and Business Learning Tool:

  • Defines for managers and staff what human rights are, why they are relevant for business, and what it means to respect and as well as support human rights in practice
  • Explains more detailed concepts, such as making a policy commitment to human rights, the human rights due diligence cycle, and operational-level grievance mechanisms
  • Provides a foundation your company can build upon to strengthen how you integrate human rights into your corporate culture and business relationships

Access the tool.

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