Business 4 Peace: Bridging the Gap with Human Rights


 Violent conflict is the biggest obstacle to sustainable development, with the impact of violence on the global economy more than $14.1 trillion last year. Conflicts also drive 80% of all humanitarian needs and reduce GDP growth by two percentage points per year, on average.

Alongside the 2019 UN Business and Human Rights Forum, the Business 4 Peace event aims to address the role of responsible business in areas facing multi-dimensional risks and in areas of conflict. What are the common and divergent aspects of the business and human rights and the business for peace agendas? This event will bring together a range of stakeholders to think creatively and strategically about how the private sector, in particular Global Compact Local Networks, can positively contribute to the building of peaceful societies. The event will include interactive discussions, including thematic breakouts, leading into a moderated strategy session to set a way forward for Business 4 Peace.

Taking place on November 27, 2019, the morning will be dedicated to partner sessions, with the official side event in the afternoon.

Advance registration is closed but participants can register onsite.