High-Level Meeting of Caring for Climate

  • Overview

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    The UN Global Compact together with UN Environment and UNFCCC secretariat will convene the annual High-Level Meeting of Caring for Climate at COP 24/CMP 14 inviting senior executives of business and finance, civil society, the UN and Governments to identify key levers of action necessary to accelerate low-carbon and resilient development. The meeting serves as a high-level stakeholder consultation — with a focus on private sector engagement — to inform and articulate the ambitious role business can play in the lead up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit in 2019. 

    This gathering will help identify concrete actions, partnerships, and initiatives the private sector can undertake to mobilize greater ambition and stronger leadership to urgently recalibrate to well-below 1.5 Celsius in support of a zero carbon trajectory. A new paper on climate ambition will be presented, inspiring bold government policies and private sector leadership through 'ambition loops' to help enhance Nationally Determined Contributions and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

    Participant Criteria

    The High-level meeting of Caring for Climate is by invitation only and is open to select representatives of actively engaged companies and organizations on climate action, with a long-standing working relationship with the UN. Representatives from other stakeholder groups, including investors, civil society and labour organizations, business associations, academic institutions, Government and the United Nations, will be invited by the UN Global Compact directly. For those meeting the criteria, please submit your invitation request by e-mailing: caring4climate@unglobalcompact.org. We regret that we are unable to accommodate invitation requests from individuals who do not match the participant criteria outlined above. Due to the high-level nature of the event, we can only grant admission to the highest level representative from each organization that meet the above mentioned criteria.