The world today is facing unprecedented, interconnected environmental challenges in areas including climate change, clean water, ocean health and biodiversity. New corporate efforts are needed to increase stewardship of natural resources, implement innovative solutions, and contribute to sustainable development.

To accelerate progress, the UN Global Compact has developed several frameworks for companies to embed sustainability into their strategy and take action to secure a resilient future. Our efforts address the linkages among various environmental issues — climate, water, ocean — as well as the social and governance dimensions. In this Decade of Action, our goal is to help businesses scale up impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the ambitious targets set in the Paris Agreement.

This year’s COP26 represents a major milestone as the world looks to recover better from the global pandemic and implement the transformative change necessary to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Collective action will be critical and we call on businesses to assess environmental risks and opportunities, set and deliver ambitious environmental targets and adopt responsible practices for a transition to the net-zero, resilient economy.

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