The Sustainable Ocean Principles: a principles-based approach to sustainable ocean business

  • The Sustainable Ocean Principles provide a framework for responsible business practices across ocean sectors and geographies, serving as a common reference point on ocean sustainability.
  • They build upon and supplement the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact to cover the following three areas; ocean health and productivity, governance and engagement, and data and transparency. 
  • Endorsing the Sustainable Ocean Principles is an aspirational pledge undertaken by companies of all sizes, sectors and levels of ocean stewardship maturity.
  • All companies are welcome, as long as they commit to taking action to promote the well-being of the ocean for current and future generations.
  • By endorsing the principles, companies demonstrate their commitment to ocean sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals to the market, investors, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders. 
  • Over 100 companies representing leaders in ocean industries as well the financial sector, have already endorsed the principles, committing to a principles-based approach to sustainable ocean business.

Practical Guidances: Operationalizing the Sustainable Ocean Principles 

  • All too often, businesses are provided with principles, targets and goals for sustainability, without receiving the concrete, actionable tools to realize them. 
  • The Practical Guidance's complement and operationalize the Sustainable Ocean Principles, helping companies implement sustainable ocean business practices. 
  • Each principle is accompanied by a number of relevant actions, tools and business standards that can be applied to realize sustainable ocean business. 
  • The guidance's are developed by multi-stakeholder groups of leading business experts, academia, NGOs, UN organizations and policymakers. 
  • As the market continues to demand clear and measurable ESG standards, the guidance's can provide the market with a tool to evaluate sustainable investments.
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