Mapping the Ocean

  • Life has existed for some 3.7 billion years in the ocean, which covers over 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface and is on average four kilometres deep. 
  • Today, large parts of our ocean are still little explored or regulated. Ongoing UN-led BBNJ negotiations are aiming to rectify this through establishing global rules. 
  • Ocean data provides crucial information on marine ecosystems in a changing climate, influencing how we interact with the ocean. This data is key to respond to threats such as climate change, overfishing and pollution. 
  • However, significant barriers exist to maximize data-sharing, with vast amounts of ocean data currently under the control of governments, industry and researchers. 

Key Facts: 

What are the Key Actions to Deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals? 

  • Collect ocean data: Accelerate industry and cross-sectoral collaborations focusing on solutions to collect standardized data will be essential. 
  • Share and manage ocean data: Promote smart data-sharing and further enhance data value through data analytics and services to increase knowledge and support decision-making. 
  • Blue finance: Blue Bonds will help to fund new data models, innovative platforms, and support data capacity building for SIDs and developing nations. 

What is the Action Platform doing this year? 

  • Conducting a gap analysis assessment to align industry needs with on-going initiatives on ocean data collection and objectives of the Decade for Ocean Science. 


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Examples of Data-sharing initiatives and projects

iAtlantic project -

Seabed2030. Available here:

SERPENT project ‘Scientific and Environmental ROV Partnership using Existing industrial Technology’. Available here: 

SIMORC project ‘System of Industry MetoOcean Data for The Offshore and Research Communities’. Available here: 

DeepData -

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