Government Recognition

The UN Global Compact enjoys the support of the United Nations General Assembly and has additionally been recognized in a number of other inter-governmental contexts, including by the G8. In December 2018, the UN General Assembly renewed the mandate of the Global Compact Office and the UN office that supports the initiative in its Resolution "Towards global partnerships: A principle-based approach to enhanced cooperation between the United Nations and all relevant partners" (A/RES/73/254).

Among other things, this Resolution recognizes “the vital role the UN Global Compact Office continues to play with regard to strengthening the capacity of the United Nations to partner strategically with the private sector.” It states that the Global Compact’s activities are “in accordance with its General Assembly mandate to advance United Nations values and responsible business practices within the United Nations system and among the global business community”.

Noting an increase in the number of public-private partnerships globally, UN Member States welcome efforts by all relevant partners, including the private sector, to engage in development and recognize the critical role the private sector plays in the realization of internationally agreed goals.

The resolution places a special emphasis on promoting a gender perspective in global partnerships, and welcomes the Women’s Empowerment Principles, requesting Global Compact Local Networks to promote them widely.

UN Member States underlined the importance of the Global Compact’s integrity measures– including the Communication on Progress requirement, dialogue facilitation processes and policy on the use of the Global Compact logo.

UN Member States welcomed the important role of Global Compact Local Networks in diffusing United Nations values and principles and facilitating partnerships with business on a broad scale.

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