Regional Network Councils & Global Network Council

A key aspect of the UN Global Compact's governance are the Regional Network Councils and the Global Network Council. They are key conduits for Global Compact Local Networks to raise ideas and share views among themselves and with the Global Compact Office (GCO) in a systematic way on all relevant matters.

Regional Network Councils

Five Regional Network Councils (RNCs) have been established to provide Local Networks in a particular region the opportunity to discuss, collaborate and provide recommendations to the broader UN Global Compact in a systematic manner as well as share best practices among themselves. Each RNC is at any given time composed of all Executive Directors (ED) of the Local Networks within a specific region. Every second year, during the Annual Local Network Forum convening all Networks, each RNC elects one member for a 2 year term who will serve as Chair for their respective RNC and join the Global Network Council (GNC).

Global Network Council

The GNC is composed of all LN Executive Directors chairing the RNCs as well as senior representatives of the Global Compact Office (GCO) and the Foundation for the Global Compact. The GNC is co-chaired by the GCO’s Chief of Global Operations as well as one of the Local Network GNC members who will also represent Local Networks on the UNGC Board. The term for each Local Network member is 2 years and the maximum number of consecutive terms that can be served is 2 terms granted upon re-election.

Current Chairs of the RNC and Members of the GNC:
  • WENA: Cristina Sanchez, GNC-Co Chair (ED of Network Spain)
  • LAC: Mauricio Bonilla (ED of Network Mexico)
  • Asia & Oceania: Josephine Satyono (ED of Network Indonesia)
  • Middle East: Ibrahim Alhelali (ED of Network Saudi Arabia)
  • EECA: Tatiana Sakarahuk (ED of Network Ukraine ED)
  • Africa: Naomi Emeka Nwokolo (ED of Network Nigeria)

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