Eliminating Harassment and Violence in the World of Work

The World Health Organization estimates that one in three women worldwide have been subject to physical or sexual violence. These crimes are largely unreported and many women and men suffer in silence. The recent Me Too Movement and the Time’s Up initiative have elevated awareness of the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace and inspired many organizations and business leaders to recognize gender-based violence and sexual harassment as critical business issues. On the occasion of the adoption of the first-ever global convention to combat violence and harassment in the world of work (ILO Convention 190), the ILO Director-General and the private sector come together to discuss how organizations and leaders can create a safe and fair work environment.

Speakers include:

  • Guy Ryder, Director-General, International Labour Organization
  • Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact
  • Kelly Kroger, Chief Executive Officer, C&A Mexico
  • Margaret Johnston Clarke, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, L’Oréal

What did we learn? Here are five things your company can do to start taking action:

1. Adopt and implement a workplace policy on violence and harassment, in consultation with workers and their representatives

2. Carry out a workplace risk assessment that includes hazards and risks of violence and harassment and take measures to prevent and control them

3. Provide workers and other persons concerned with information and training on hazards and risks of violence and harassment and related prevention and protection measures

4. Call your Governments to ratify ILO Convention 190 (Access the full text here)

5. Sign the Women Empowerment Principles

6. Access the online module for companies: A World of Work Free From Violence and Harassment Against Women: Safe, Healthy & Respectful Workplaces

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