Name Type Sector Country Joined On
ADASA Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Spain 21-Jun-2007
Belcorp Corporate Services S.A.C. Company Personal Goods Peru 20-Jun-2007
Instituto Paradigma NGO Local Not Applicable Brazil 20-Jun-2007
Concessionaria Litoral Norte S/A - CLN Small or Medium-sized Enterprise General Industrials Brazil 19-Jun-2007
LX Public Sector Organization Not Applicable Korea, Republic of 19-Jun-2007
SCSK Corporation Company General Industrials Japan 14-Jun-2007
Revenga Ingenieros, S.A. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Telecommunications equipment; telecommunications service providers Spain 14-Jun-2007
Intesa San Paolo Bank Albania Company Finance and credit services Albania 13-Jun-2007
APIFARMA Business Association Local Not Applicable Portugal 12-Jun-2007
PA Consulting Group Company Industrial Support Services United Kingdom 12-Jun-2007
OVOL Singapore Pte Ltd Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial materials Singapore 12-Jun-2007
Alliance Arkitekturstudio AS Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Norway 11-Jun-2007