International Anti-Corruption Day 2020

A message from UN Global Compact CEO & Executive Director Sanda Ojiambo on International Anti-Corruption Day, December 9 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside-down, generating uncertainty and disruption well beyond the obvious health, humanitarian and socio-economic crises, and is now challenging governance, public trust in institutions, reputational risk and the rule of law.

In signing up to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, our participants commit to not only avoid bribery, extortion and other forms of corruption, but also to proactively develop policies and concrete programmes to address corruption internally and within their supply chains. 

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has provided ample opportunity for corruption to thrive in COVID times. As Government and the private sector have raced to mobilize massive resources to respond to the crises – relaxing procurement and compliance mechanisms to ensure a rapid response – corruption and fraud have flourished. 

Corruption is bad for everyone, but impacts the most vulnerable, especially women more severely, deepening social inequalities and leaving poor people susceptible to corruption, deprivation and extortion. 

Recover with Integrity’ is the guiding theme of this year’s Anti-Corruption Day and builds towards the Special Session of the General Assembly against Corruption in 2021. Only through collective measures against corruption will a COVID-19 recovery with integrity – and inclusivity – be possible.

I urge all leaders to pay particular heed to the dangers of corruption in this age of uncertainty, and look forward to next year’s Special Session — so that corruption will no longer impede the promise of the Sustainable Development Goals.

To learn more on Anti-Corruption at the UN Global Compact, please see our Anti-Corruption Overview and information on our current Anti-Corruption Collective Action Initiative.

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