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Target Gender Equality Case Studies

Europe & North America

  • Starlight Media - Aligning with WEPs to achieve gender equality internally and externally
  • Calik Denim - Inspiring ideas across the board with well-framed human resource practices
  • Domino Tekstil - Building innovative solutions by incorporating women in production 
  • Yildiz Holding - Creating opportunities through inclusion, equality and pluralism in the workplace
  • Caixabank - Developing diversity to improve gender equality
  • Solunion Seguros - Promoting equality by eliminating discrimination in the workplace
  • BIOAZUL - Creating a balanced workplace to prevent gender-based discrimination



Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Ripipsa - Cultivating an inclusive work environment by promoting female leadership
  • Special Dog Company - Utilizing different perspectives from a diverse workforce 
  • BBVA Mexico - Achieving gender parity in leadership positions
  • Solunion Seguros - Promoting equality by eliminating discrimination in the workplace 
  • Mutualista Pinchicha -  Utilizing the Women’s Empowerment Principles to generate positive impacts everywhere
  • Enagás - Reducing the gender gap by keeping female talent at the forefront
  • Natura & Co. - Closing the gender gap using accountability and transparency
  • Enagás - Enagás has undertaken internal and external communication initiatives to put on the map its activity and to attract female talent through testimonials from leading women at Enagás.

Profiles of Target Gender Equality Leaders

Alejandra Reynoso Barral, Chairwoman, ccNSO Council,

Instead of focusing on what we failed, focus on what we achieved.

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Shaima Abd Alghafoor, Founder and Commercial Head, Dukkan Alfreej

Don’t ever doubt yourself. You probably know more than you think. All you have to do is just give it a shot.

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Vaishali Nigam Sinha, Chief Sustainability, CSR and Communications Officer, ReNew Power and Founding Chair, Renew Foundation

At ReNew Power, Vaishali Nigam Sinha implements impact-oriented sustainability and gender parity across all levels of her organization

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Tahmina Zaman Khan, Head of Sustainability, Mutual Trust Bank Limited

Proper mentorship and support from male counterparts increases female leadership in the workplace, says Tahmina Zaman Khan of Mutual Trust Bank

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Jane Waiyaki-Maina, Head, Sustainability & Responsible Business Partnerships, Absa Bank Kenya PLC

At Absa Bank, Jane Waiyaki embodies the spirit of capacity building and transformational change when it comes to gender equality.

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Sharon Thuku, CEO, Ends International Company Limited

Training tailored for women goes a long way in evening out system-built skill disparities between men and women, says Sharon Thuku of Ends International

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Gagandeep K. Bhullar, Founder & CEO, TheSuperHuman Race Private Limited

At SuperHuman Race, Gagandeep K. Bhullar empowers people from all walks of life, genders, and ethnic groups to drive forward equality at every level

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Marijana Bačić, Vice President for Corporate Customers and ICT - Hrvatski Telekom

Promoting education, equality and diversity helps unlock human potential and organizational growth for Marijana Bačić at Hrvatski Telekom

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Eva Muñoz, Corporate Communications Director, Solunion Seguros

Eva Muñoz strategically implements small changes to create a trickle-down effect towards normalizing the broader SDGs in the work culture at Solunion Seguros

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Bruno Elias, Senior Programme Manager, UN Global Compact Network Lebanon

At the UNGC Lebanon Network, Bruno Elias creates change by striving to break structural and cultural barriers to women’s labor-market participation

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Catherine Haslam, Partner, DWF

For Catherine Haslam, actively setting goals and targets accelerates the pace of change in achieving gender equality at DWF

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Pilar Zapata Aranda, Project Manager, BIOAZUL S.L

Pilaar Zapata Aranda implements the principles of a circular economy at BIOAZUL S.L. to drive forward sustainable change in the long run

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Sara Hernández, Project Manager, BIOAZUL

Sara Hernández advocates for more female mentors to create an impact on young women’s career trajectories at BIOAZUL S.L

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Harriet Quiney, Partner, DWF Law LLP

Diversity and inclusion go a long way in creating a growth-oriented work culture, says Harriet Quiney from DWF

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Marisol Amo, Europa Munda Vacaciones

For Marisol Amo, education, trust, and awareness are vital towards establishing a diverse work culture at Europa Mundo Vaccaciones

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Ana Belén Montosa, Financial Manager, BIOAZUL S.L

Promoting family-oriented work models based on productivity & flexible timing for men and women is crucial for Ana Belén Montosa at BIOAZUL S.L.

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May Abulnaga, First Sub-Governor, Central Bank of Egypt

At the Central Bank of Egypt, May Abulnaga helps save women by increasing their access to financial inclusion and fighting the uphill battle against typical Egyptian gender norms

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Emma Inamutila Theofelus, Deputy Minister of the ICT Ministry

As a Member of Parliament in Namibia, Emma Inamutila Theofelus is doing her part in overturning patriarchal systems by advocating for women’s representation in public offices and political decision-making processes

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Angela Magno Malagón, R&D&I Project Manager, Director of Communication and Marketing, BIOAZUL SL

For Angela Magno Malagón, utilizing women’s unique perspectives and capacity for analysis is paramount for achieving success at BIOAZUL S.L.

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Martin Ochien’g, Group Managing Director, Sasini PLC

At Sasini PLC, Martin Ochien’g is actively achieving gender equity not just in leadership but also at all levels of his organization by setting ambitious goals that trickle down from the top to the bottom

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Krishan Balendra, Chairman, John Keells Holdings PLC

At JKH, Krishan Balendra upholds the values of gender equality and sustainability by breaking typical gender norms in hotel businesses while also advocating for sustainable practices through his recycling projects

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Jorge Rosillo, CEO & General Manager, Galápagos Ecological Airport

We, men, sometimes don't understand something because we don't live it. We don’t suffer that discrimination and sexist jokes. How men and women interact is different now than three years ago when we started our efforts. It’s more like a partnership.

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Reynaldo Goto, Chief Compliance Officer, BRF SA

When you start to pay attention, you really see inequality, but more importantly, you see how men could play an important role.

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Jose Luis Conde, Operations Aviation & Network Lead, Exolum

Diversity is one of the best tools that we have to achieve our goals as an organization.

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Martin Wassell, Managing Director, Chaucer Group Ltd.

It’s about human capital as much as it is around natural capital. As a business, it's going to help us be more successful, and ultimately it’s going to help our clients be more successful.

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Laurent, Sabourin, Group Managing Director, International SOS

Among the most successful and pragmatic strategies at International SOS has been mentoring and training promising female talent around the world to put them on a leadership track.

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Folake Ani-Mumuney, Group Head, Marketing & Corporate Communications, First Bank of Nigeria Limited

As Chairperson of the Board of Directors, I led the remarkable turnaround and return to profitability of the 20-year FBN Insurance Brokers.

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Conchi Zamorano, General Manager Iberia, Grupo Europamundo

Our company, Europamundo, and Kuoni Tulmare, our partner organization, both belong to the JTB Group, the biggest travel agency in Japan.

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