Engaging the Legal Profession

Lawyers play a critical role in advancing social sustainability issues. Legal experts both inside and outside a company can, and should, get involved in shaping a more sustainable future. To help them, the UN Global Compact provides practical guidance for legal professionals to employ in their business relationships.

We’ve designed our resources for General Counsels, corporate directors, executives, regulators, educators and others. The following UN Global Compact initiatives can help you – as a legal professional working inside or outside a company – make sustainability a priority:
  1. Lawyers as Leaders emphasizes how corporate counsel can design and manage corporate sustainability-related policies and practices.
  2. The Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability offers practical guidance based on emerging good practices. It explains how General Counsels can more effectively promote corporate sustainability at their companies, creating long-term business value.
  3. Business for the Rule of Law (B4ROL) helps companies understand how they can support and strengthen the legal framework that governs the regions where they operate. It encourages companies to explore what they can do in ways that are most relevant for their company.
  4. We also are consulting on how corporate sustainability-related issues should be incorporated into legal and professional education curricula. This will help ensure that future leaders are well-equipped to advance important sustainability causes.

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