Integrate sustainability

Aligning strategic goals and priorities

When your overarching corporate goals align with sustainability objectives, everyone will work towards the same positives outcomes – for the business and the world. Learn more about setting ambitious and achievable sustainability goals.

Leaders speak up on issues of public concern, and help shape policies that support solutions. It is critical to align the work of your government affairs team with your sustainability priorities. See how you can support public policies related to climate and anti-corruption.

Mobilizing all key business functions

The UN Global Compact is working hard to support business in relation to the Board of Directors, General Counsel and the supply chain. These areas – at opposite ends of the corporate ladder – are essential for embedding sustainability into business, yet currently are not adequately addressed.

Global Compact LEAD has also developed a roadmap to engage everyone from Research & Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain, IT in sustainability efforts.

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