Target Gender Equality Company Sign Up 2021

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Global Compact participating companies are invited to take action to increase women’s representation and leadership in business by signing up for Target Gender Equality.

Target Gender Equality is run in collaboration with Global Compact Networks and is currently available in over 45 countries. View full list here

Please note, space is limited. Once your registration request has been received, a representative from your Local Network will be in touch to confirm your company’s participation.

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Target Gender Equality programming will be offered in the below countries in 2021 in collaboration with the Global Compact Local Networks.
*If you are interested in participating in Target Gender Equality but your country is not listed above, please contact your Local Network representative to learn more about the current and future offerings.
*If you represent a global company and would like to sign up to participate in Target Gender Equality in multiple countries or are interested in corporate partnership opportunities at the global level, please contact Elisabeth Anna Resch
Appoint two Target Gender Equality Representatives:
All companies participating in Target Gender Equality are requested to identify two company Representatives to actively participate in the programme on behalf of the company. This includes attending Target Gender Equality meetings/events and coordinating with colleagues across the organization to advance Target Gender Equality activities. You are encouraged to consider diversity of perspective in terms of personal profiles, gender, corporate function and level within the organization when nominating Target Gender Equality Representatives.
Nominate a Target Gender Equality Ambassador:
In addition to the Target Gender Equality Representatives, all participating companies are requested to nominate a top-level Ambassador to follow Target Gender Equality developments, provide support to the company Representatives as needed, and represent the company at high-level events that are part of or related to Target Gender Equality. The Target Gender Equality Ambassador should have a direct line of communication to the CEO (ex. Member of the C-Suite or Board). The Ambassador may also be the CEO.
Background Information
Please help us best plan for Target Gender Equality by answering the following short questions:
1. How far along is your company on its journey to advance gender equality?
2. Has your company used the the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool to assess its gender equality performance?
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3. Does your company currently have public targets set for women's representation and leadership?
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4. Please use the below field to communicate any specific areas of interest or capacity building needs that your company hopes to address through participation in Target Gender Equality.
5. Please use the below field to highlight any relevant experiences or areas of knowledge/expertise that your company would be willing to share with peers participating in Target Gender Equality.
6. Please indicate the gender of your CEO or highest level executive: