An SDG Pioneer for Blockchain Technology

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Joseph Thompson believes that companies can be profitable and at the same time socially responsible. To make that vision a reality, he co-founded AID: Tech, a company that delivers digital entitlements and identities via blockchain technology to individuals. In turn, people can more easily access aid, welfare and health benefits.

As Co-founder and CEO, Joseph’s aim is to give all people a legal identity by 2030. Partnering with UNDP, AID:Tech has also built a remittance platform allowing UNDP to issue Digital ID that act as a digital wallet and lower remittance fees by three per cent. The AID:Tech solution is also used to issue work permits to Syrian refugees in Jordan. AID:Tech has also developed micro insurance for the unbanked, as well as finance-based forecasting with the International Red Cross to help communities affected by flooding. Extending awareness of the Global Goals, AID:Tech briefs all its clients and partner organizations on the Goals — even if they are not in the development or humanitarian sector.

AID:Tech’s solution has helped aid organizations control their supply chain and given them instant, transparent access to data and analytic reporting. It also helps to reduce fraud and corruption. Joseph’s efforts have advanced three Global Goals: industry innovation; reduced inequalities; and peace, justice and strong institutions.

AID:Tech won IBM’s Global No. 1 Start up, Citi’s Tech4Integrity Challenge and has been voted the world's 6th most disruptive company because its platform serves NGOs and Governments in meeting their Global Goals targets.

About Joseph Thompson

Joseph Thompson is the CEO and Co-founder of AID:Tech, a company that provides digital identity solutions. Under his leadership, the company is supporting Syrian refugees in Lebanon. AID:Tech works to increase transparency and reduce global illicit outflows from developing countries due to fraud and corruption.

Joseph’s vision was to empower individuals with a legal identity so they could more easily access aid, welfare and health benefits. Partnering with UNDP, AID:Tech has built a platform to issue digital identities to undocumented people, with a goal of universal adoption by 2030. His company has also created a platform that lowers remittance costs for refugees, and provides microinsurance for the unbanked.

AID:Tech is a member of Global Compact Network UK

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