A Pioneer For Sustainable Business Strategies

For 10 years Claus Stig Pedersen has been the Head of Corporate Sustainability at Novozymes –a global biotechnology company, and the world’s largest producer of bio-enzymes. At Novozymes, he has brought thought leadership and action to developing a groundbreaking business strategy centered on sustainability and partnerships, with the purpose of developing bio-based solutions for the challenges of a growing world, especially on water, food and energy. Claus and his team have developed a strategic framework for business development and innovation based on the global goals - being the first company to communicate their sustainability efforts according to the SDGs, while aligning core business accordingly.

Claus has worked to integrate Novozymes’ Corporate Purpose and Strategy into the direction set by the SDGs. Launched in January 2015, Novozymes’ Partnering for Impact initiative puts the SDG agenda directly into heart of Novozymes’ core business and its innovation pipeline. It is setting a direction for commercial growth.

Claus has also been the lead for Novozymes local SDG implementation work, ensuring that the global vision is realized on the ground. He has been leading and coordinating work in Brazil and China and engaged local site communities through Novozymes’ Cityzymes projects in India, Brazil, the US, Denmark and China.

Claus is a leading force locally and globally in defining how business can engage with the SDGs on a strategic level as a driver for business development and innovation. Claus has shared his insights and inspiration with other corporate sustainability leaders in Denmark and internationally. He continues to create a ripple effect of inspiration and engagement to further catalyze sustainable solutions.

As Novozymes has been a longstanding UN Global Compact participant Claus has had personal engagement with numerous initiatives including LEAD, Caring for Climate and the Business Leadership Criteria on Carbon Pricing and the Principles for Responsible Management Education , Claus brings vision and insight to global dialogues and collaborates with partners across academia, civil society and the public sector to identify, develop and deploy opportunities to build a more sustainable future.

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