How Your Company Can Advance Each of the SDGs

Responsible business and investment – rooted in universal principles – will be essential to achieving transformational change through the SDGs. For companies, successful implementation will strengthen the enabling environment for doing business and building markets around the world.

Below you will find links to important initiatives and resources of the UN Global Compact – and in some instances of other like-minded organizations – to guide companies and other stakeholders to action-oriented platforms and tools that support SDG implementation.

It is important to note that in many instances a specific initiative or resource has relevancy to more than one SDG, reflecting the cross-cutting nature of today’s issues and challenges. In an effort to simplify the table a given initiative or resource has been matched with a primary and/or select number of SDG(s). This table is meant to be an evolving resource and additional links to other relevant resources will be added in the future. Overview of the SDGs.