Name Type Sector Country Joined On
SBK-BPO Group Company Software & Computer Services Brazil 14-Jan-2016
Carbonell Figueras S.A. Company Construction & Materials Spain 14-Jan-2016
Construcciones Nirvana S.A. de C.V. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Mexico 13-Jan-2016
Corporacion Financiera Alba, S.A. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Investment banking and brokerage services Spain 13-Jan-2016
Innovative Global Wave Technology Co., Ltd Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Software & Computer Services Myanmar 12-Jan-2016
Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO) Public Sector Organization Not Applicable Korea, Republic of 12-Jan-2016
Cleany Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services France 12-Jan-2016
Banque du Caire Company Banks Egypt 12-Jan-2016
Preservacion de Quelonios NGO Local Not Applicable Mexico 11-Jan-2016
Buddharaksa Foundation Foundation Not Applicable Thailand 11-Jan-2016