Company Information

Company Societe Generale Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Finance and credit services
Publicly Listed
Global Compact Status:
Participant Since
20 December 2016
Letter of Commitment
Next Communication on Progress (COP) due on:
31 July 2024

Communication On Progress

Published On Title Level/Status
2021-04-15 Communication on Progress 2021 Active
2020-04-02 Communication on Progress 2019 Advanced
2019-01-17 SG COP Advanced 2018 - Global Compact Advanced
2018-01-08 CSR report 2017 Active

Note: Responsibility for the content of participants' public communication related to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and their implementation lies with participants themselves and not with the UN Global Compact.

Note on levels: Not applicable refers to the period when the Communication on Progress (CoP) did not require differentiation levels. With the new CoP, for the 2022 Early Adopter Programme, and for 2023, there will be no differentiation levels.