COP 28 Input Papers

During the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the UN Global Compact Ocean Stewardship Coalition gathered its members to discuss key developments in the ocean agenda and to co-create policy and business recommendations. These recommendations, reflected in the COP28 Input Papers, are aimed at enabling ocean industry and other ocean stakeholders to advance the ocean-based solutions and to build the thriving sustainable ocean economies needed to meet global climate and nature targets. These input papers are the result of the working meeting in New York and subsequent consultations. The papers also reflect the ongoing work of the UN Global Compact Ocean Stewardship Coalition.

Each input paper begins by setting the context of COP28 before outlining its sector-specific policy and business recommendations on either Marine Spatial Planning, Nature-Based Solutions, Ocean Finance, Offshore Renewable Energy, Shipping, Seaweed, or Aquatic Food. The papers are available for download in the margins of this webpage. We hope that you will find these papers useful for COP28 and beyond. Please feel free to share them with your colleagues and with other stakeholders.
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