Microsoft’s efforts to preserve the Cherokee language

Who is Microsoft?

Microsoft, a U.S.-based technology firm, has developed the Local Language Program (LLP), a global initiative dedicated to providing individuals with access to desktop computer software in their native language.

What was done?

In 2012, Microsoft developed a Language Interface Pack (LIP) for Windows in the Cherokee language. This LIP translates and displays most of the commonly used user interface of Windows into Cherokee. Microsoft teams worked closely with members of Cherokee Nation, who referenced cultural texts in order to create new words as required for translation. In addition, Microsoft worked with a Cherokee typist to create a phonetic keyboard and new font specific to the Cherokee language.

Microsoft has also partnered with the Cherokee Nation to develop technology modules and other IT skills classes for youth that are taught solely in Cherokee. Youth-oriented training sessions are intended to engage young people in linguistic preservation efforts and to ensure the survival of the Cherokee language for future generations.

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