Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible

Professionals who are working at any level of a UN Global Compact company are eligible to apply or be nominated. To check whether an organization is a UN Global Compact company, please search the participant list online.

For the 2022 cohort of SDG Pioneers, only companies who were participants of the UN Global Compact on 31 May 2022 and have submitted at least one Communication on Progress (CoP) are eligible to apply.

The UN Global Compact reserves the right to remove the SDG Pioneer recognition if the company and/or individual is later deemed to be a reputational risk to the SDG Pioneer campaign and/or the UN Global Compact initiative.

My company has not yet submitted a COP. Can I still apply?

We encourage you to submit a COP before the application deadline (15 March 2021) in order to be considered. Please find guidance about creating and submitting a COP here. For any additional support, please contact our Support Team at

My company does not yet participate in the UN Global Compact. Can I still apply?

Only individuals from a UN Global Compact company will be eligible to apply or be nominated. If your company is not yet participating in the UN Global Compact please visit the UN Global Compact website to learn more about how to join.

How do I nominate myself / someone who I think is doing great work?

Nominations for the global round open 14 January 2022. 

If the Global Compact Local Network in your country ran a national-level round before the global round, you must have applied directly through that national round first. A full list of Local Networks who ran national-level rounds can be found here. Global Compact Local Networks spanning all continents launched the national-level round on 1 December 2021.

What is the nomination deadline?

The application deadline is 15 March 2022.

How and when will I be notified if I am selected?

The 2022 cohort of UN Global Compact SDG Pioneers will be informed of their selection by May 2022. Due to the volume of nominations received, we may be unable to contact nominees who are not selected.

How will the SDG Pioneers be recognized? What will I receive if selected?

The 2022 cohort of UN Global Compact SDG Pioneers will be announced and celebrated in June 2022 at the Leaders Summit.The SDG Pioneers will receive visibility and be recognized for the outstanding work that they have done to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

What obligations do SDG Pioneers have if selected?

We hope that all SDG Pioneers will be able to join us virtually for the Leaders Summit in June 2022. There are no other formal obligations, but we hope that SDG Pioneers will continue to support and advocate for the SDGs.