Name Type Sector Country Joined On
ALTEN Company Industrial Engineering France 28-Jul-2010
La Trobe University Academic Not Applicable Australia 27-Jul-2010
Esoft Vietnam Co., Ltd. Company Software & Computer Services Viet Nam 27-Jul-2010
Sociedad Espanola de Montajes Industriales (SEMI) Company Construction & Materials Spain 27-Jul-2010
N.V. EPZ Company Electricity Netherlands 27-Jul-2010
Vallourec Company Industrial metals and mining France 23-Jul-2010
Australian Postal Corporation Company General Industrials Australia 22-Jul-2010
Deloitte Bulgaria EOOD Company Finance and credit services Bulgaria 22-Jul-2010
CIFEC Small or Medium-sized Enterprise General Industrials France 22-Jul-2010
Hopening Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Media France 20-Jul-2010
Mayaguez S.A. Company Food Producers Colombia 20-Jul-2010
Gebalis, EEM Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Portugal 19-Jul-2010