Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Association of Turkish Travel Agencies Business Association Local Not Applicable Türkiye 16-Nov-2012
Club Ohada Thies NGO Local Not Applicable Senegal 15-Nov-2012
Izmir University of Economics Academic Not Applicable Türkiye 15-Nov-2012
TUI Holding Spain SLU Company Travel & Leisure Spain 15-Nov-2012
Soprovise - Societe Provencale d'Isolation & d'Echafaudage Company Construction & Materials France 15-Nov-2012
elm-plastic GmbH Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Medical equipment and services; Health care providers Germany 14-Nov-2012
TPC Leadership Ltd Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services United Kingdom 14-Nov-2012
Temp-Team Finland Oy Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Finland 14-Nov-2012
Associacao Paranaense dos Engenheiros Ambientais NGO Local Not Applicable Brazil 14-Nov-2012
Fiduciaria del Norte SA Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Finance and credit services Argentina 08-Nov-2012
sneep e. V. NGO Local Not Applicable Germany 08-Nov-2012
LUCOBIT AG Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Chemicals Germany 08-Nov-2012