Name Type Sector Country Joined On
ETC Ingenieria, S.A. de C.V. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Mexico 11-Aug-2015
Camara de Industrias y Produccion Business Association Local Not Applicable Ecuador 07-Aug-2015
Eurow & O'Reilly Corporation Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Household Goods & Home Construction United States of America 05-Aug-2015
Grupo Consultor Empresarial Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Colombia 05-Aug-2015
La Reserva de Marbella, S.L. Company Real Estate Investment & Services development Spain 05-Aug-2015
Companhia de Concessao Rodoviaria Juiz de Fora-Rio (CONCER) Company Industrial Support Services Brazil 05-Aug-2015
Remmontagh Small or Medium-sized Enterprise General Industrials Russian Federation 05-Aug-2015
Geotechnics Myanmar Company Limited Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Myanmar 04-Aug-2015
European Casino Association Business Association Global Not Applicable Belgium 04-Aug-2015
Hatch S.A.S. Company Industrial Support Services Colombia 04-Aug-2015
University of South Wales Academic Not Applicable United Kingdom 04-Aug-2015
Sustainable Development For Vulnerable Peoples in Bangladesh NGO Local Not Applicable Bangladesh 03-Aug-2015