Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Light S.A. Company Electricity Brazil 2007-09-12
Fondazione COFIT onlus NGO Local Not Applicable Italy 2007-09-10
PARTICIP GmbH Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Germany 2007-09-07
ESPM Eser Project and Engineering Co. Inc. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Türkiye 2007-09-06
Control Risks Company Industrial Support Services United Kingdom 2007-09-05
Palumbo-Donahue School of Business Academic Not Applicable United States of America 2007-09-05
Foshan Tongbao Electrical Precision Alloy Co., Ltd Company Industrial materials China 2007-08-31
Hana Bank Company Finance and credit services Korea, Republic of 2007-08-30
IC Group A/S Company Personal Goods Denmark 2007-08-30
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency Public Sector Organization Not Applicable Korea, Republic of 2007-08-30
Zhejiang Zhenhua Electronics Co., Ltd Small or Medium-sized Enterprise General Industrials China 2007-08-30
Human Resources Development Services of Korea Public Sector Organization Not Applicable Korea, Republic of 2007-08-28