Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Sagona Capital, Inc. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Investment banking and brokerage services United States of America 2014-09-02
Associacao Comercial da Bahia Business Association Local Not Applicable Brazil 2014-09-02
Reinventa Incubadora de Ideas AC NGO Local Not Applicable Mexico 2014-09-02
Vicarli Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Mexico 2014-09-02
Eltel Group Company Telecommunications equipment; telecommunications service providers Sweden 2014-08-28
Visy Company Industrial materials Australia 2014-08-27
Asociacion Civil Grupo Solidario NGO Local Not Applicable Argentina 2014-08-27
CTLpack Group S.L.U. Company General Industrials Spain 2014-08-27
Equipages Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Software & Computer Services France 2014-08-27
Sandream Impact LLC Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Personal Goods United States of America 2014-08-27