Company Information

Company Volvo Group Italia S.p.A.
Automobiles & Parts
Privately Held
Global Compact Status:
Participant Since
31 May 2023
Letter of Commitment
Next Communication on Progress (COP) due on:
31 July 2024

Parent Company

Country Company Name
Sweden AB Volvo Group

Parent Communication On Progress

Published On Title Level/Status
18-Mar-2022 Communication on Progress Advanced
19-Mar-2021 Communication on Progress Advanced
20-Mar-2020 Annual and Sustainability Report 2019 Advanced
29-Mar-2019 Annual and Sustainability Report 2018 Advanced
29-Mar-2018 Annual and Sustainability Report 2017 Active
08-Jan-2018 Grace Letter Not applicable
13-Mar-2017 Annual and sustainability report 2016 and GRI report Active
13-Mar-2016 VG annual and suatianbility report 2015 Active
26-Mar-2015 Sustainability Report 2014 Active
26-Mar-2014 Communication on Progress Active
28-Mar-2013 Communication on Progress Active
28-Mar-2012 Communication on Progress Active
19-Apr-2011 2010 Communication on Progress Active
11-May-2010 2010 Communication on Progress Not applicable
25-Mar-2009 Sustainability Report 2007 Not applicable
25-Mar-2009 Sustainability Report 2008 Not applicable
26-Mar-2008 Annual report 2007 Not applicable
28-Mar-2007 Annual Report 2006 Not applicable
27-Mar-2007 Annual Report 2006 Not applicable
21-Mar-2006 Annual Report 2005 Not applicable
28-Feb-2006 Annual Report 2004 Not applicable
21-Jun-2004 Annual Report 2003 and Code of Conduct Not applicable