SDG Ambition Company Sign Up 2021

Thank you for your interest in Round 2 of the SDG Ambition Accelerator. Please fill out the following form with information on your company and its two nominated representatives for the programme. These two representatives may be changed at a later date. Applications close on September 30.

Company Information:

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We are offering Round 2 of SDG Ambition in both Local Network tracks and our Non-Local Network track. Please read the following descriptions and check which track your company is interested in joining:
About Your Company Team:
All participating companies are asked to nominate two representatives to actively participate in the accelerator on behalf of the company. This includes attending SDG Ambition workshops and coordinating with colleagues across the organization to advance SDG Ambition objectives. You are encouraged to consider gender diversity when nominating SDG Ambition Representatives.

Suggested for SDG Ambition Representative 1: The representative responsible for prioritization and goal setting (e.g. ESG, Strategy Department)

Suggested for SDG Ambition Representative 2: The representative with responsibility for overseeing systems to track and manage performance against organizational goals (e.g. Information Technology Department, M&E)

Nominate SDG Ambition Champion:
In addition to the SDG Ambition representatives, all participating companies are requested to nominate a top-level “Champion” to follow SDG Ambition developments, provide support to the company representatives as needed, and represent the company at high-level events that are part of or related to SDG Ambition. The SDG Ambition Champion should have a direct line of communication to the CEO (e.g., Member of the C-Suite or Board). The company’s CEO may also decide to take on the role of SDG Ambition Champion.
Background Information
Please help us best plan for SDG Ambition by answering the following short questions:
1. Does your company currently have public targets set to advance the Sustainable Development Goals?
Please share your targets:
2. How far along is your company on its journey to advance the Sustainable Development Goals?
3. Please use the below field to communicate any specific areas of interest or capacity building needs that your company hopes to address through participation in SDG Ambition. Select all that apply.
4. Please use the below field to highlight any relevant experiences or areas of knowledge/expertise that your company would be willing to share with peers participating in SDG Ambition.
5. Please indicate the gender of your CEO or highest level executive:

Participant information and contact details will be shared with Global Compact Local Networks around the world and will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. A list of Global Compact Local Networks can be found here.

By signing up to the SDG Ambition Accelerator, I understand that participants are expected to attend the majority of the facilitated workshops and complete all on-demand courses to the best of their abilities.

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