Experience SDG Action

Explore practical solutions and insight from peers in immersive, interactive spaces designed to show how companies are already taking action on the Global Goals through Action Platforms and UN partnerships.

Experience SDG Action

Breakthrough Innovation for the SDGs | Mercury Room

As part of your experience, Breakthrough Innovation Challenge companies — Braskem S.A., Enel, Iberdrola S.A., Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd., Natura Cosmeticos S/A, Nestle S.A., and Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited — will each pitch their solutions which range from interacting with physical models to demos of apps. Participants are invited to navigate the booths throughout the "Experience SDG Action" segment, where each company and their student teams will provide more details on each of the solutions.

Business for Humanitarian Action and Peace | Trianon Ballroom

Participants will learn about humanitarian crises and the role of business in addressing conflict-affected people. The space will be composed of four interactive stations that each offer a different experience. (1) Visit a refugee tent and try the virtual reality sets that transport you to the realities of displaced people; (2) Discuss the Business for Humanitarian Action and Peace Action Platform with representatives from the UN Global Compact while also learning about best practices from private sector representatives; (3) Sign petitions — such as #WithRefugees — and discuss the importance of advocacy; and (4) Post humanitarian projects that your organization is involved in and/or brainstorm new project ideas for supporting conflict-affected people.

Decent Work in Global Supply Chains | Trianon Ballroom

The Decent Work in Global Supply Chains stand will offer participants the opportunity to explore how businesses can embed human rights and labour principles into global business relationships. Participants will be able to go through 3 interactive steps that will stimulate discussion on the dilemmas responsible business may face in their efforts to respect and support human rights. The journey will begin with 1) Understanding the Decent Work Agenda and challenges that responsible business, and us as individuals, face through an interactive demonstration and video; it will seek to 2) Inspire people and business to change behavior by featuring various solutions, and finally it will ask participants to commit to take 3) Action to help shift the needle on some of these critical issues.

Financial Innovation for the SDGs | Trianon Ballroom

The space will encourage educational and interactive exchanges between Action Platform representatives, members and partners (including PRI and UNEP FI) around the relatively new field of SDG finance by highlighting opportunities to finance business activities that contribute to the SDGs based on new business and financial models, financial engineering or increased investor interest. Participants will also be able to learn from the Action Platform knowledge bank and conceptual mappings, while sharing their needs, aspirations and examples of innovation for the Action Platform mapping exercise.

Health is Everyone's Business | Trianon Ballroom

Join us to hear more about why "health is everyone’s business" and how to make SDG 3 — to ensure healthy lives and promote health and well-being for all at all ages — a corporate goal. Hear examples of how different sectors can take action in the workplace, market place, in the community and in the global supply chain to contribute to a healthy, resilient future. Interactive activities will include trying out new technologies for health, such as a virtual circus experience developed by Austrian Herzkinder for children with heart defects as well as an app that can check the level of air pollution in your city.

Pathways to Low-Carbon & Resilient Development | Trianon Ballroom

Pathways to Low-Carbon and Resilient Development booth will inform and engage participants to take stock of global business commitments, build a heatmap on NDC and SDG progress, and identify breakthroughs needed to reach the well below 2-degree Celsius pathway. With three interactive stations, participants will have the opportunity to explore curated tools and resources, talk to climate experts and stakeholders, and complete a photo opp on SDG13.

Reporting on the SDGs | Trianon Ballroom

The Reporting on the SDGs booth with offer curated interaction with participants on the value of corporate reporting on the SDGs and how the Action Platform´s work is facilitating a comparable, unified way for companies to report on the SDGs. The three main elements of the space will include opportunities to engage with: (1) Key messages about SDG reporting; (2) Featured elements of the Action Platform; and (3) Representatives from the UN Global Compact, GRI, and PwC via Interactive elevator speeches and a Q&A period.

The Blueprint for SDG Leadership | Trianon Ballroom

The Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs booth will facilitate understanding of and engagement with the Blueprint. At its heart, the Blueprint is a challenging, thought-provoking framework that asks users to think critically and holistically about what SDG leadership looks like for their business. This experience booth offers an opportunity to move the Blueprint from concept to practice and inspire participants to apply the Blueprint to their own SDG actions. High tables, positioned around the booth, will each represent one of the five leadership qualities of the Blueprint. Upon entering the Booth, participants will select a priority SDG and then work through a series of facilitated conversations at the tables to think critically about how they can raise their level of ambition and scale impact. As participants leave they will be asked to share a leading action that they will implement to advance the SDGs.

Water Stewardship for the SDGs | Trianon Ballroom

The Water Security through Stewardship booth will provide an exciting opportunity for participants to learn about and engage in constructive solutions to solving today's water challenges. The experience will walk participants through a sequence of stations builds from understanding the issue to identifying solutions. Participants will begin by 1) Understanding and identifying global water risks as it relates to their businesses, move into 2) Playing "Wateropoly" where participants will be able to discuss and identify strategies to respond to local water challenges, 3) Learn about real actions companies and others are taking to to improve water security, and finish with 4) Experiencing a real life water scenario via a WaterAid virtual reality experience.

Connect with UN & Strategic Partners:

  • UN Global Compact and Accenture Strategy — "UN Global Compact- Accenture CEO Study Special Edition: Partnerships"
  • SDG Fund
  • UNISDR with ARISE initiative
  • IOM
  • UNDP
  • UN Women
  • UNICEF and Pearson
  • OCHA

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