Anglo-American’s Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa

Who are Anglo-American?

Anglo-American is one of the world’s largest mining companies. It has been recognized for its approach to sustainable development – receiving the highest score of all mining companies in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2012.

What was done?

This recognition was in part due to its longstanding efforts to address HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis within its workforce in southern Africa. Their HIV/AIDS workplace programme follows a five-pillar approach:

  1. Focusing on voluntary counseling and testing
  2. Spreading awareness, education and prevention
  3. Ensuring care, support and treatment
  4. Creating partnerships
  5. Promoting a commitment to Anglo American’s values.

What were the outcomes?

The company has taken steps to guarantee confidentiality and to raise awareness about its policy of non-discrimination. Anglo-American has offered free antiretroviral treatment to all of its employees since 2002. By 2012, it had reportedly tested and counseled around 95,000 employees and individuals within its supply chain. As a result of the company’s long-term investment in fighting the disease, in 2012 there were 25% fewer new HIV infections recorded than in 2002, and around 45% of estimated HIV-positive workers received free antiretroviral treatment.

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