Industry Association Activities

We invite business and industry associations to participate in a range of specific events and activities. We also offer the following ongoing ways to get involved:

What does the UN Global Compact offer to business and industry associations?

Annual Business Associations Forum on Sustainable Development

Together with the International Chamber of Commerce, we convene an annual Forum. Here, we bring together senior experts and leaders of global business and industry associations to share best practices and discuss challenges and opportunities to promote sustainable development issues to their members. In 2015, our meeting took place on 24 June in New York as part of Global Compact+15.

Promoting Industry Best Practices

Our publications feature notable examples of industry associations’ contributions to sustainable development and corporate citizenship. We plan to launch a new publication, Good Practice Note: Industry Associations in Support of Sustainable Development, in September 2015. We will continue to promote good practices as we will receive more notable examples through the initiative’s COE policy.

Partnerships & Initiatives

Throughout the history of the UN Global Compact, numerous business and industry associations have contributed to developing resources and tools. Recently, we joined forces with global industry and business associations such as Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors, International Road Transport Union and International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA) to provide sector-specific guidance and facilitate industry-wide partnerships.

Selected Initiatives

  • International Road Transport Union (IRU): The UN Global Compact supports an IRU-pioneered partnership called ‘Global Partnership for Sustainable Transport’ (GPST).The GPST is a multi-stakeholder platform committed to advancing the SDGs in the transport sector. As a global, industry-led, and multi-modal initiative, the GPST works on advocacy and awareness raising, partnership building, and conducts industry analysis in contribution to implementing sustainable transport practices globally.
  • Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS): The UN Global Compact has worked closely with the RICS to develop a comprehensive resource package to help companies in the land, construction and real estate sectors advance corporate sustainability throughout the land lifecycle.

How can business associations take action to support the UN Global Compact?

  • Encourage your members to join the UN Global Compact;
  • Organize learning and dialogue events, workshops and training for your members on the UN Global Compact and specific topics relevant to corporate sustainability;
  • Engage your members in collective action and partnership efforts on key UN goals and issues in collaboration with the UN Global Compact;
  • Join forces with the UN Global Compact to advocate the business case for key corporate citizenship issues to policymakers and the public;
  • Develop sector-specific tools and resources on corporate sustainability issues in collaboration with the UN Global Compact;
  • Provide expertise and/or the voice of your members to UN Global Compact working groups and special initiatives; and
  • Support the development and activities of a Global Compact Local Network.