Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Grupo Formula Company Media Mexico 24-Jul-2014
ORIX Corporation Company Finance and credit services Japan 24-Jul-2014
ADEC Innovations Corporation Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Software & Computer Services Philippines 24-Jul-2014
Profertil S.A. Company Food Producers Argentina 24-Jul-2014
Crescent Enterprises Company Diversified United Arab Emirates 23-Jul-2014
Cencosud Company Retailers Chile 18-Jul-2014
Interbank Company Banks Peru 18-Jul-2014
AUDITORÍA Y GESTIÓN SAS Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Finance and credit services Colombia 17-Jul-2014
Castellum AB Company Real Estate Investment & Services development Sweden 17-Jul-2014
Tusass A/S Company Telecommunications equipment; telecommunications service providers Denmark 16-Jul-2014
Instituto Comnene Palaiologos de Educacao e Cultura Academic Not Applicable Brazil 15-Jul-2014
BUNZL CATERING DEVELOPPEMENT Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Retailers France 15-Jul-2014