Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Pantech Corporation Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Chemicals Japan 12-Apr-2024
JAC Recruitment Co., Ltd. Company Diversified Japan 09-Apr-2024
SMC Corporation Company General Industrials Japan 09-Apr-2024
Business Engineering Corporation Company Software & Computer Services Japan 01-Apr-2024
Kurimoto Ltd. Company General Industrials Japan 31-Mar-2024
Mitsubishi Auto Leasing Corporation Company Finance and credit services Japan 25-Mar-2024
WAKACHIKU CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Company Construction & Materials Japan 19-Mar-2024
SANYO SHOKAI LTD. Company Personal Goods Japan 19-Mar-2024
Calbee, Inc. Company Food Producers Japan 04-Mar-2024
ORYZA OIL & FAT CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Food Producers Japan 21-Feb-2024
Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Company, Limited. Company Chemicals Japan 21-Feb-2024
Joconne Inc. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Medical equipment and services; Health care providers Japan 13-Feb-2024