Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Shanghai Safechem International Trade Co.,Ltd. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Chemicals China 14-Dec-2021
Huizhou Baixinglong Packaging Co., Ltd. Company General Industrials China 14-Dec-2021
Tech Design Limited Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Household Goods & Home Construction China 14-Dec-2021
Qingdao Leff International Trading Co.,Ltd Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Medical equipment and services; Health care providers China 14-Dec-2021
Ecomatrix ESG Consulting Limited Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Finance and credit services China 14-Dec-2021
Crystal International Group Limited Company Personal Goods China 14-Dec-2021
Henan Dongtai Pharm Co., Ltd. Company Chemicals China 06-Dec-2021
Tsingtao Kampion High-speed Railway Technology Corp. Company General Industrials China 06-Dec-2021
WESTINGAREA SUPPLY CHAIN (SHANGHAI) CO LTD 西域供应链(上海)有限公司 Company Industrial Transportation China 06-Dec-2021
ANTA Sports Products Limited Company Leisure Goods China 28-Nov-2021
China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited Company Food Producers China 28-Nov-2021
Shanghai Era Advertising Co., Ltd. 上海年代广告有限公司 Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services China 19-Nov-2021