Name Type Sector Country Joined On
DEVOTEAM DRAGO SAU Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Software & Computer Services Spain 2007-10-11
ALTIS Postgraduate School Business and Society of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Academic Not Applicable Italy 2007-10-10
Fleur Himalayan Ltd. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Food Producers Nepal 2007-10-10
Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal, S.A. Company Industrial Transportation Portugal 2007-10-05
Topcon Corporation Company General Industrials Japan 2007-10-05
Diners Club del Ecuador S. A Company Finance and credit services Ecuador 2007-10-04
Korea Resources Corporation Company Industrial metals and mining Korea, Republic of 2007-10-04
Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey - TEGV NGO Local Not Applicable Türkiye 2007-10-03
ESER Contracting and Industry Co., Inc. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Türkiye 2007-10-03
Officium Lex Lau Abogados Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Panama 2007-10-03