Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Hoff Entreprenader AB Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Sweden 2013-04-30
Husqvarna AB Company Household Goods & Home Construction Sweden 2013-04-30
OPTOMER Meller Rzetelski sp.j. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Electronic & Electrical Equipment Poland 2013-04-30
The National Bank Company Banks Palestine, State of 2013-04-26
ACTE International Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services France 2013-04-26
Kvadrat A/S Company General Industrials Denmark 2013-04-26
Les Eaux Minerales d'Oulmes Company Beverages Morocco 2013-04-26
Nechi Group Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Software & Computer Services Spain 2013-04-25
AFECE - Associacao Franciscana de Educacao ao Cidadao Especial NGO Local Not Applicable Brazil 2013-04-25
Olgerdin Egill Skallagrimsson Company Beverages Iceland 2013-04-24