Name Type Sector Country Joined On
Universidad Nacional de San Martin Academic Not Applicable Argentina 10-Oct-2013
Libertad S.A. Company Retailers Argentina 10-Oct-2013
Festilight Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Electronic & Electrical Equipment France 10-Oct-2013
ANDRA - Association for Nutritional Development and Rural Advancement NGO Global Not Applicable Bangladesh 08-Oct-2013
Ratos AB Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Finance and credit services Sweden 08-Oct-2013
Business Confederation of Macedonia Business Association Local Not Applicable North Macedonia 07-Oct-2013
C.C. Brun Entreprise A/S Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Construction & Materials Denmark 07-Oct-2013
El John Indonesia Foundation Not Applicable Indonesia 07-Oct-2013
Associacao Sao Lazaro - Brasil NGO Local Not Applicable Brazil 04-Oct-2013
Zenite Informacao e Consultoria S.A. Small or Medium-sized Enterprise Industrial Support Services Brazil 04-Oct-2013
Bolton International, Inc. Company Industrial Support Services Philippines 04-Oct-2013
Atencion Telefonica Company Industrial Support Services Mexico 04-Oct-2013