Strengthen the ‘G’ in ESG

Transformational Governance Corporate Toolkit

In the ever-evolving landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, companies face unprecedented challenges in navigating the multitude of regulations and expectations. From stretched risk and compliance tasks to the rising demand for transparency, ethics, and responsibility, the corporate governance journey is more complex than ever.

The TG Corporate Toolkit

The Transformational Governance (TG) Corporate Toolkit, developed in collaboration with the participating companies and partner organizations of the United Nations Global Compact Think Lab on Transformational Governance, empowers your company to stay at the forefront of modern governance practices, and helps you navigate the complexities of the ESG landscape.

Explore the toolkit for a thorough understanding of applying a transformational governance approach and steer your organization towards corporate governance excellence and societal impact. Assess your baseline, pinpoint areas of improvement, and gain actionable insights with our comprehensive Transformational Governance Self Assessment Tool. Gain access to in-depth thought leadership, unlocking the knowledge needed to inspire your organization to take impactful actions.

Don't just navigate corporate governance; lead the way for people and the planet with the TG Corporate Governance Toolkit.

The TG Corporate Toolkit will enable your business to:

Get a head start on risk mitigation and long-term viability.

Businesses using the toolkit can ensure less volatility in operations and create long-term economic value by becoming aware and making plans for compliance with transformational governance principles. Companies that advance transparency and accountability benefit from increased brand value and customer loyalty. This helps attract and retain employees seeking to align to a purpose.  

Strategically align with global frameworks.

As governments and international bodies continue to issue tighter regulations impacting corporate governance, companies that are working beyond compliance are better positioned. Utilize this toolkit to establish a strategic roadmap for integrating transformational governance into your corporate endeavors, going beyond compliance, and supporting legal frameworks.

Earn stakeholders’ trust and improve social stability.

Capital investments are increasingly directed towards companies with strong governance structures. Demonstrating a commitment to transformational governance can attract investments from socially responsible funds and investors.

Key Features of TG Corporate Toolkit

  • Performance Snapshot: Assess your progress on this expanded approach to governance.
  • Gap Identification: Identify key gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • Thought Leadership: Access the latest insights and thought leadership on pressing corporate governance topics.
  • Issue Briefs: Learn from in-depth issue briefs developed by industry experts.
  • Recommendations: Receive actionable recommendations for next steps and additional guidance.
  • SDG 16 Alignment: Strengthen policies and procedures mapped against relevant SDG 16 targets.


Transformational Governance Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool provides a framework for companies to engage with and apply the principles of transformational governance. It is structured in such a way that allows businesses to assess their baseline on the spectrum of transformational governance, both with regard to their own operations as well as in relation to their business partners, suppliers and downstream activities. It also considers companies' engagement and collaboration with external stakeholders to strengthen peaceful, just and inclusive societies.

For each area of transformational governance, the tool contains a set of criteria providing businesses with a detailed understanding of any key gaps in their current approach as well as opportunities to further strengthen their policies and procedures, mapped against relevant SDG 16 targets. It also contains recommendations on potential next steps as well as selected resources and additional guidance to support companies in transforming their governance, both internally and in the communities where they operate.


The Role of the Corporate Board and Executive Leadership

This business brief introduces the approach of transformational governance in the context of Boards of Directors and Executive Leadership, including key trends, relevant areas of work and priority actions. It provides insights on how business leaders can incorporate transformational governance into their strategies and actions, supporting the goals of SDG 16 and promoting responsible business practices. Corporate Boards of Directors and C-suite executives are central to the alignment of corporate governance with societal impact. As companies engage with TG principles and practices, corporate leadership will be better prepared to address emerging challenges, recognizing that pressures and expectations are expanding beyond traditional boundaries.

Responsible Governmental Engagement

The role of businesses in society is continuously evolving, marked by increasing expectations that companies address political and social issues. This business brief focuses on transformational governance in the context of responsible governmental engagement and explores three prominent channels of governmental engagement - lobbying, advocacy and collective action - highlighting their complexities and the need for a clear integrity framework for related corporate action.

Investing in Transformational Governance

Investors’ assessments of risks and opportunities at both the industry and company levels can be the basis of engagement to inform company strategies and to improve government policies in the interest of stakeholders and shareholders. These impacts have a wider effect of contributing to an enabling ecosystem where businesses experience less volatility and can create long-term value. This business brief highlights some of the barriers and opportunities for investors to support the rule of law, civic space and responsible tax practices - key to upholding a prosperous operating environment.

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Transformational Governance Corporate Toolkit

About Transformational Governance

Transformational Governance Corporate Toolkit

Transformational governance (TG) is a principles-based approach – not a new legal concept – that calls on business to be more accountable, ethical, inclusive and transparent to drive responsible business conduct, improve ESG performance and contribute to strengthening public institutions, laws and systems. It offers a broader approach to the“G” in ESG through three interrelated dimensions: conventional governance, sustainable governance and global governance.

The targets of SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions -- underpin TG. SDG 16 is the least understood by business yet the most consequential to business. The SDG 16 Business Framework | Inspiring Transformational Governance helps businesses understand and implement the targets of SDG 16. It also promotes trust between private and public institutions and trust in those institutions by civil society.

The relevance of SDG 16 to business is two-fold. First, the enhancement of peace, justice and strong institutions can bolster progress towards achieving the entire SDG agenda. Second, factors associated with SDG 16 are essential to supporting sustainable and profitable environments for business and investment. With such a foundation in place, companies and investors can spur economic innovation and development, generate jobs and incomes, reduce poverty and expand opportunities.