Programmatic Opportunities

The Target Gender Equality initiative is run in collaboration with Global Compact Local Networks, with most activities led at the local level. Over the course of 9 months, companies engage in facilitated performance analysis, capacity-building workshops, peer-to-peer learning, and multi-stakeholder dialogues. All these support companies to draft ambitious targets for women’s representation and leadership or revise existing targets and develop accountable action plans on how to meet them.

While the overarching aim is to achieve gender balance in business, including at the highest levels such as board and executive management, the programme takes a holistic approach recognizing that many barriers need to be addressed to level the playing field. It helps companies understand the various policies, practices, and interventions needed to advance gender equality and achieve gender parity. The programme’s overall goal is to deepen companies’ implementation of the Women’s Empowerment Principles and strengthen their contribution to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5.5, which calls for women’s full participation and equal leadership opportunities, including in economic life by 2030.


  • Kick-off Webinar that allows you to get to know your peers and learn what’s ahead
  • Performance Analysis by using the WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool
  • Discussion of aggregate Tool results to help you understand the current landscape and build a case for action
  • Three interactive capacity-building workshops designed in collaboration with Catalyst to guide you through the target-setting process and define ambition, support you in prioritizing among strategies for success as well as provide guidance on how to measure and communicate progress
  • Multi-stakeholder action dialogues discussing how to jointly tackle barriers for gender equality


All opportunities listed below are of voluntary nature and TGE companies may choose to engage in none, some or all depending on their interests and availability. Target groups, time zones and languages offered differ and are outlined for each opportunity in the hyperlinked description. Additionally, some regions will explore offering regional opportunities based on companies’ interests. Please note that the majority of listed opportunities is only open to employees in companies participating in the Target Gender Equality accelerator.

Women’s Empowerment Principles 101 14 July – 8AM EDT
WEPs Gender Gap Analysis Tool Support Sessions 25 August – 9AM EDT,
8 September – 10AM EDT (Spanish)
14 September – 6AM EDT
How to ensure internal buy-in and foster engagement 29 September – 9AM EDT
30 September – 10AM EDT (Spanish)
26 October – 5AM EDT
How to be a family-smart employer 5 October – 7AM EDT and 11AM EDT
How to advance women’s leadership in climate action 14 October – 9AM EDT
How to combat sexual harassment in workplace - European Regional Session 27 October – 4AM EDT
How to engage men as allies for gender equality 3 November – 8AM EDT and
8 November – 11PM EST
3 November – 10AM EDT (Spanish)
How to leverage resources and brand gender equality internally 18 November – 7AM EST and 11AM EST
How to combat sexual harassment in workplace - Latin American Regional Session 23 November – 10AM EST (Spanish)
How to advance gender equality in fragile & conflict-affected environments 7 December – 9AM EST
How to advance gender equality in male-dominated corporate functions 8 December – 11PM EST and
9 December – 8AM EST , 10AM EST (Spanish)
How to advance gender equality throughout the legal profession 14 December – 4AM EST, 10AM EST (Spanish)
Combining global, regional & local approaches for multi-national companies January 2022
Prioritizing Action for SMEs January 2022
Inclusive Language Training February 2022
How to be an activist – meaningful engagement on International Women’s Day and beyond February 2022
Target Gender Equality LIVE March 2022