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Forward Faster

About This Episode

In an era facing a predicted 40 per cent shortfall between the supply and demand for water by 2030, this episode of "Moving Business Forward Faster" delves into the critical role of water resilience. Host Adam Roy Gordon, Executive Director of UN Global Compact Network USA, and guest Sonia Thimmiah, Senior Director of Global Sustainability at Heineken, discuss how businesses can build water resilience to mitigate risks, enhance their reputation and support sustainable ecosystems. They highlight the significance of Heineken's water resilience strategies and the company's contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on climate action, equality, water resilience and funding sustainable investments.

With operations spanning more than 200 breweries in more than 70 countries, Heineken stands as one of the most international brewing companies. Thimmiah emphasizes the company's initiatives to ensure water resilience in its supply chain and the communities where it operates around the world.

"We also have our operations which are key and, even though breweries may not be the biggest users of water in many communities, we still recognize that we have a responsibility to use as little water as possible and to be as efficient as we can. In 2019, we introduced a new water strategy, which, at its heart, was about water security and the long-term protection of critical watersheds," says Thimmiah.

Thimmiah also underscores the importance of water as a key resource, not just for Heineken but also for the communities and ecosystems affected by its operations. She describes Heineken's efforts to achieve a complete water balance in water-stressed areas by 2030 through targeted actions and strategies.

"Water is absolutely critical for a company like Heineken. Without water, there is no beer. It's essential across our value chain, especially with our agricultural suppliers, who account for 90 per cent of our water footprint. We're committed to being as water-efficient as possible and considerate of how water usage impacts the communities we are part of."

How can your business reduce risks associated with water challenges in both operational processes and supply chains? In what ways can strengthening water resilience improve your company's standing in local communities and with investors and customers? Check out this episode to explore these questions and much more!

About Forward Faster

As we approach 2030, the private sector must employ a wide range of solutions to help get the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) back on track. To help companies take ambitious actions across five key action areas where the business community is uniquely positioned to advance sustainable development, the UN Global Compact unveiled the Forward Faster initiative: a guide on where companies can make the biggest, fastest impact before 2030. By committing to Forward Faster, companies are joining a movement of business leaders and innovators who are paving the way for a safer, more sustainable future.