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In this episode of "Moving Business Forward Faster," we address the critical challenge of gender equality in the business world—a challenge that, if not tackled, is projected to take over 160 years to overcome. 

With the gender equality host, Lina Al Qaddoumi, and guest Florence Bulté, Chief Sustainability Officer at Chalhoub Group, we delve into how including women across all company levels promotes fairness and drives economic growth and business innovation. The discussion sheds light on the urgent need for equality in leadership and pay structures and how this can unlock vast economic potential across global markets.

Chalhoub Group is a prominent Middle Eastern luxury retail and beauty company. They have taken significant steps to advance gender equality and inclusion. Since joining the UN Global Compact in 2014, they have developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy centered around people, the planet, and partnerships. This includes targeted actions to promote equality in the workforce and leadership roles.

One of the most notable achievements of Chalhoub Group is its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040 and its focus on circularity in operations and business models concerning partners. This environmental focus aligns seamlessly with their social responsibility initiatives, where gender equality is a core component.

  • We also emphasize circularity in our operations and our business models when it comes to partners. We make it a priority to conduct business with those aligned with our values of business integrity and transparency," says Bulté,

The results speak for themselves. Chalhoub Group has been recognized as one of the best workplaces for women in the industry, making substantial progress in gender parity within leadership.

  • Last year, Chalhoub Group was identified as the third-best place to work for women in the US. We have improved a great deal since 2017. However, discussing aspects like the supply chain, we acknowledge there's still work to be done moving forward, Bulté states.

Reflecting on Chalhoub Group's success in promoting gender equality and sustainability, it's valuable to consider critical questions for your organization. How can your company draw inspiration from Chalhoub Group's approach to empowering women and achieving gender balance economically? 

What concrete steps can you take to integrate sustainability and equality into your business strategy? Are there measures your company can implement to accelerate gender balance in leadership and decision-making processes? Tune in to this episode for an insightful discussion.

About Forward Faster

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As we approach 2030, the private sector must employ a wide range of solutions to help get the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) back on track. To help companies take ambitious actions across five key action areas where the business community is uniquely positioned to advance sustainable development, the UN Global Compact unveiled the Forward Faster initiative: a guide on where companies can make the biggest, fastest impact before 2030. By committing to Forward Faster, companies are joining a movement of business leaders and innovators who are paving the way for a safer, more sustainable future.