2021 SDG Pioneers Selection Group

Sonia Bashir Kabir
Chairman, SBK Tech Ventures
2017 SDG Pioneer for for Women's Digital Empowerment

Khalil Daoud
Chairman & Managing Director, CEO & Managing Director, LibanPost
2018 SDG Pioneer for Gender Equality and Economic Inclusion

Sonia Consiglio Favaretto
Board member, Chair of the Advisory Board of the GRI Brazil, Vice-chair of the Technical Board of the CDP Latin America
2016 SDG Pioneer for Sustainable Stock Exchange

Seo Jia Han Alvin
Global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Lead, Maxeon Solar Technologies
SDG Pioneer for 1.5 Compliant Business Model

Alice Laugher
CEO, Committed to Good
2018 SDG Pioneer for Women’s Empowerment in Conflict Settings

Mark E. Meaney
Ph.D., Associate Professor, Executive Director, Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility, Chairperson,
UNPRME Chapter North America

Justin Perretson
Head of Sustainability Partnerships, Scouting & Ventures, Novozymes A/S
UN Global Compact Expert Network Member

Massimiliano Riva
Investment Advisor, UN Joint SDG Fund
UN Global Compact Expert Network Member

Dr. Joyce Sitonic
Head of Clinic Business Operations, AAR Healthcare Kenya Limited
2019 SDG Pioneer for NCD Prevention in the Workplace

Ulysses Smith
President & CEO, Telos Governance Advisers LLC
2016 SDG Pioneer For Rule of Law and Governance

Joseph Thompson
CEO, AID: Tech
UN SDG Pioneer 2017 for Blockchain Technology

Gustavo Perez Berlanga
Senior VP, Sustainability & Social, Responsibility (MEXICO), Gigante Restaurant Group
2017 SDG Pioneer

Dr. Liang Xiaohui
Chief Researcher, Office for Social Responsibility, China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC)
2016 SDG Pioneer For Human Rights and Business